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4 things The Secret Left Out

What did the secret leave out? So like everyone else I hopped right on the secret, it was one of the greatest discoveries I had stumbled upon. My thoughts at the time were “my whole life was about to be so lit.” Well like most of you, after a few days I was back to my regular way of thinking, only thinking about The Secret when my life wasn’t going right.

I reference it back from time to time, and when talking to others, oh! I made it sound so super good as if The Secret was apart of my everyday life. When the truth was I was only reminded of the secret when someone brought it up or I was in the midst of a very bad situation and needed to talk myself to a happy place. Focusing On One Thing Can Provide Multiple Streams Of Income

So what did the secret leave out?

It wasn’t long before I gave up on the fact that I could just manifest the life I so desired out of just commanding the universe to do so. The first secret I discovered that was left out was knowing you were not just deserving of what you are asking for but it is your divine born right. what has been proven through my experience was in order to get this genie in the bottle effect from the universe you had to do some serious reprogramming.

Reprogramming which I mention in a previous blog Re-writing the Subconscious mind. This is the most challenging step of them all because here is when how bad you want a better life kicks in. Yes, the secret was left out.

It is impossible to wake up one day and “Boom” you are on a high frequency. Vibrating on a frequency that allows you to manifest exactly what you want in a short period of time takes some energy manipulation. But before you can manipulate any energy that may be blocking what you want there are some things that need to happen.

How can you make the universe your Jeanie in a bottle?

You must connect with an even higher vibration in order to manipulate this energy. Connecting to a higher frequency /vibration will take some reprogramming and how much reprogramming depends on the vibration you are currently on. To figure that out you will need to really take a look at where you are, and how easy is it for you to get what you want.

One of the greatest ways to elevate your vibrations is to meditate. Start creating good habits to cancel out old ones. Deal with any stuffed issues that you may have buried so deep you forgot they were there.

Now that we are working on uncovering any emotional issues that may be blocking us from reaching those higher vibrations. It’s time to manifest. Now don’t rush through the process of reprogramming because that is the most important part of manifesting the life you desire.

After you have worked on releasing some of the things that are holding you back it is now time to start practicing manifesting what you so desire. The first step in this will be visual manifesting. Let’s say you applied for a job and you get called for an interview.

I want you to close your eyes and imagine being at the interview. Imagine shaking the hand of the interviewer and actually, sticking out your hand and move it up and down feel the interviewer’s hands in yours. Talk to the interviewer accept the position make sure you are breathing all the while.

Once you have done this you will then prepare yourself for the interview for the job you have already claimed. But make sure you don’t cancel it out.

See the funny thing about the power we possess is that 1 uncertain thought can cancel that entire process out completely, one subtle negative thought is all it takes to rewrite what you have already written.

1. Know you are deserving of it, it is your born right. 2. Re-program your subconscious and get rid of all the negative habits and thought patterns that live there and replace them with new positive habits and thought patterns. 3.Meditate- it will align both the subconscious and the conscious so they are in sync. 4. Practice visual manifesting until it’s automatic.

Now I’m not saying that the secret was not on point, all I am saying is that they left out a few key things needed in order to manifest the life you desire.Remember if you would lick to start this journey and need a little assistance with doing so don’t hesitate to connect with me


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