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#1 Reason Why You Wont Be Successful

Reason Why You Wont Be Successful: There is a lot of reasons that may cause a person to miss the bus to success. Like procrastination, lack of confidence, lack of the of the ability to just start. But the number one reason that most people overlook is doing multiple things at once. Some actually look at this as the start of the journey of success.

They love to refer to billionaires and say “Bill Gates has multiple businesses.” One cannot deny the fact that men like Bill Gates do in fact have several companies that they may own. But that’s a billionaire bill. We tend to forget about just starting out Bill. The Key to success is being able to give that one thing 100% so that it can POP and provide you with the resources to then do multiple things and create multiple streams of income. What is reiki? Reiki In Hospitals

Reason Why You Wont Be Successful

Doing so many things at once wears down on your ability to give enough attention to anything, therefore, leaving most of what you are working on incomplete. You start to spread yourself thin, so thin that you eventually stop doing all of it. One of the main parts of manifesting what you want is doing the work putting so much energy into something that the universe has no choice but to honor the request.

When that energy is not poured out your manifestations become halted. There comes a time when you have to make a decision on what it is you really want and be willing to do what is required to obtain what you are wanting. doing one thing will require way more dedication and discipline than doing multiple things.

There was a saying that I use to hate, it was “Jack of all trades and a Master of none” I would argue anyone who said this to me. But the truth is you are nothing but a procrastinator and if success is really what you want then you will buckle down and focus on that one thing give it the energy it needs to POP allow that one thing to open the door to all the other things you want to do.

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