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1 Reason Why Writers Can’t Write

why writers can’t write? Well, one of the hardest thing for a writer to do is write, but why is that? Well, I too am a writer that finds it difficult to write at times. We (writers) will have our story on repeat in our minds but struggle to put in on paper. Just struggling to put it on paper is not the the main reason writers can’t write. I remember when I was in the process of writing my first book titled Delete All That Shit I used the back space button more than any other button. It was to the point where after three hours of writing what I erased I just quit all together.

What makes an Writer

What makes a writer? They say everyone has at least one good book in them which may be true but that doesn’t make you a writer. A writer is a person who writes,written multiple types of copy. Creative writers have the ability to come out of the current reality and create the reality in a realm that fits the current writing project.

Why Writers can’t Write

So, Why writers can’t write? As a creative writer I can can say while everyone thinks it’s so amazing that we are able to create these different realms of reality that fit perfectly into the copy. This gift is often accompanied with a tiny curse. The curse is not knowing when to stop and that then leads to the lack of confidence when presenting your work. And because a creative writer knows this and feels as though the ideas are safer in the imaginary boundaries of the mind.

Imagining a story in your mind is very different from writing it. In your mind you can play through every scene you can sense the emotion of each character you can see what it looks like. You can envision where they’re going or not. The writers mind is the dreamland of the outline. The actual outline and being able to get the viewers to see and feel what you have in your head is the real work. Writing it out is the most complicated part. If you lack any confidence in your ability to properly deliver the content properly you will always procrastinate when it’s time to write.

My Advice to Writers

The 1 reason why writers can’t write is because they lack the confidence in their ability to deliver it how they imagined it. They spend too much time wondering if the people will get and if it will be good enough or not. But, I’m here to tell you Stand firm in your creative ability and don’t over think it. Your art is not meant for everyone but stay true to your creative process. And those who connect with it will. If a writer is who you really are then nothing will stop you from doing just that. but you have to build your confidence being a writer.

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